Evaluation of Water Quality of Narmada River with reference to Physco-chemical Parameters at Hoshangabad city, MP, India

Sharma Shraddha, Vishwakarma Rakesh, Dixit Savita, Jain Praveen
2011 J.Chem.Sci.______________________________________________Research Journal of Chemical Sciences   unpublished
River Narmada is one of the 13 prominent rivers of India, which covers 98,797 sq km of total watershed area. Narmada is considered to be the lifeline and west flowing river of the state of Madhya Pradesh. The monitoring of water quality of Narmada River was carried out for one year 2007. Four sampling stations were selected at downstream of Hoshangabad city. The water samples collected were analyzed, as per standard methods parameters such as pH, EC, Turbidity were measured in-situ. Raised
more » ... s of physico-chemical parameters indicate the pollution of riverine ecosystem due to domestic wastes, municipal sewage, industrial effluent from Security Paper Mill (SPM) and agricultural runoff that influence the water quality directly or indirectly. Statistical analysis carried out through correlation method and also evaluates Average values (AV), Standard Deviation (SD), Standard Variance (SV), Standard Error (SE) and 95% Confidence Limit (CL) to assess the pollution load assessment. The results revealed that most of the water samples were below or out of limited; according to the WHO, BIS standards.