Chen-Chao Koo and the Early Numerical Weather Prediction Experiments in China

Jianhua Lu
2021 Advances in Atmospheric Sciences  
Although the first successful numerical weather prediction (NWP) project led by Charney and von Neumann is widely known, little is known by the international community about the development of NWP during the 1950s in China. Here, a detailed historical perspective on the early NWP experiments in China is provided. The leadership in NWP of the late Professor Chen-Chao Koo, a protégé of C. G. Rossby at the University of Stockholm during the late 1940s and a key leader of modern meteorology
more » ... larly of atmospheric dynamics and physics) in China during the 1950s−70s, is highlighted. The unique contributions to NWP by Koo and his students, such as the ideas of formulating NWP as an "evolution " problem, in which the past data over multiple time steps are utilized, rather than an initial-value problem, and on the cybernetic aspects of atmospheric processes, i.e., regarding the motion of the atmosphere at various time scales as an optimal control system, are also emphasized. Citation: Lu, J. H., 2021: Chen-Chao Koo and the early numerical weather prediction experiments in China. Adv. Atmos. Sci., 38(5), 707−716, https://doi.
doi:10.1007/s00376-021-0268-y fatcat:xw3yegzydjbw3ambk3pyfrwu2q