Adsorption of Nitrate and Phosphate onto the Dredged Sediment from a Coastal Fishery
연안어장 준설퇴적물에 대한 질산염과 인산염의 흡착

Young-Chul Sun, Myoung-Jin Kim, Young-Chae Song
2012 Journal of Navigation and Port Research  
In the present study, experiments have been performed to investigate the effects of the type of adsorbent, pH, and ionic strength on the adsorption of nutrients (nitrate and phosphate in artificial solution) onto the dredged sediment from a coastal fishery. In addition, this study aims to evaluate the possibility of removing the nutrients from the water using the dredged sediment. In the adsorption experiments of the nutrients, the reactions were completed within 10 minutes using NO3 --N(100μM,
more » ... sing NO3 --N(100μM, 10mM) and PO4 3--P(100μM, 10mM). In the steady state, 61% and 77% of the initial amounts were removed respectively for 100μM NO3 --N and 100μM PO4 3--P. The thermal treatment of the dredged sediment at 900℃ was not helpful to increase the removal efficiencies of the nutrients. Additives such as CaO and MgO dropped the removal efficiency of NO3 to 0%, but increased that of PO4 3up to 98%. Adsorption isotherms of NO3 and PO4 3could be explained by the Freundlich equation (R 2 >0.99). The adsorption reaction was little influenced by the pH and ionic strength. Based on the results showing short reaction time and considerably high removal efficiencies of the nutrients, it is proposed to apply the dredged sediment from a coastal fishery to removing nutrients such as nitrate and phosphate in the water.
doi:10.5394/kinpr.2012.36.6.459 fatcat:oqd52e7jo5extedzo32yguavo4