Supercomputer Supernet (SSN): a high-speed electro-optic campus and metropolitan network

Nicholas Bambos, Joseph A. Bannister, Larry A. Bergman, Jason Cong, Eli Gafni, Mario Gerla, Leonard Kleinrock, Steve Monacos, Po-Chi Hu, B. Kannan, Bruce Kwan, Prasath Palnati (+3 others)
1996 Optical Interconnects in Broadband Switching Architectures  
The Supercomputer Supernel (SSN} is a highperformance, scalable optical interconnection nelwork I or supercompulers and worksaiion cMsers based on asynchronous, wormhole-rouing switches. The WDM oplical backbone extends the geographic coverage range from inerdepartmenal io campus and even o mefropol2an areas w2h dynamically reconfigurable direct or muUi-hop connections. The neiwork provides very high-speed integrated services, supporling connedion oriented, guaranteed bandwidth fraffic as well
more » ... s daagram Iraffic. The firsi networking level of The iwo-level SSN archiiecure is electronic and consists of crossbar meshes locally interconnecting workstations, supercomputers, peripheral devices and mass memory. At a higher networking level, an optical backbone network supporting multzple wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) channels allows communication between devices connected to distinct crossbar meshes. In this paper, we focus on the protocols of the WDM optical backbone network and address the issue of integration of the electronic wormhole-routing LAN with the optical backbone.
doi:10.1117/12.235857 fatcat:qji7cuctm5etpi7nxqp2no2x3q