Biometric Authentication and Authorization Infrastructures in Trusted Intra-Organizational Relationships [chapter]

Matthias Olden, Stefano Za
2010 Management of the Interconnected World  
Today, the lives of both people and organizations are strongly focused on the creation, development and maintenance of relationships. These are influenced by several factors, amongst which trust plays an important role. Same as in traditional relationships, trust is considered crucial in their digital equivalent; here we can speak of the concept of trust in technology. An example for trust in technology is given by biometric authentication and authorization infrastructures. A possible approach
more » ... possible approach is the use of typing behavior biometrics as authentication method. This provides a higher security, considering several biometric specific problems like replay attacks or template aging. The intra-organizational environment allows an interesting solution to these problems, namely the synchronization of biometric data within a federation of applications running in the same company. This paper presents the influence of the proposed authentication model on trust by means of the technical-formal-informal model inside an organization.
doi:10.1007/978-3-7908-2404-9_7 fatcat:xiksqonjrneuxatgr6lfxd2xxa