Rekonfigurálható szabályzó váltóáramú motorok vektor szabályozásában

József Vásárhelyi, Mária Imecs
2000 Fiatal Műszakiak Tudományos Ülésszaka  
Re-configurable systems are mainly used in configurable computing and embedded control systems. This paper is focused on the concept of system reconfiguration and on the re-configurable computing paradigm. Electrical drives could be a suitable field of its application. As example, the application of re-configurable controller concept for vector control for an AC electrical drive will be presented. We present an analysis for a possible implementation of the vector control using the Triscend's
more » ... figurable System on a Chip (CSoC). It is presented the structure of this chip and a possible implementation of vector control. A critical analyze of performances are presented. The idea of possible re-confíguration for control is alsó introduced. The controller can be considered a state machine and adaptive control can be avoided. The changes in control law due to re-configuration may improve the performances of the controlled system. Further research work needs to investigate the effects of the reconfiguration transition process.
doi:10.36243/fmtu-2000.41 fatcat:bwhiwvgiefbwvbs7hw74477tga