Searches for long-lived particle decays in ATLAS

Daniela Salvatore
2016 Proceedings of The European Physical Society Conference on High Energy Physics — PoS(EPS-HEP2015)   unpublished
Searches for the decay of neutral, weakly interacting, long-lived particles using 20.3 fb −1 of 2012 data collected at 8 TeV by the ATLAS detector at the LHC are presented. The first analysis is sensitive to long-lived particles that decay to Standard Model particles producing jets at the outer edge of the ATLAS electromagnetic calorimeter or inside the hadronic calorimeter. The second search employs techniques for reconstructing decay vertices of long-lived particles decaying to jets in the
more » ... er detector and muon spectrometer. No significant excess of events over the expected background are found, and limits as a function of proper lifetime are reported for the decay of the Higgs boson and other scalar bosons to long-lived particles and for Z' and Stealth SUSY benchmark models.
doi:10.22323/1.234.0153 fatcat:lfrgoc3tlrbkbawu4trvzfxwni