Experimental studies at lowQ2 of the spin structure of the nucleon at Jefferson Lab

Alexandre Deur
2020 Proceedings of The 9th International workshop on Chiral Dynamics — PoS(CD2018)   unpublished
We summarize the experimental program of Jefferson Lab that studies the nucleon spin structure at low Q 2 . This program completes the precise experimental mapping of the nucleon spin structure functions g 1 (ν, Q 2 ) and g 2 (ν, Q 2 ) and their moments started at SLAC, CERN and DESY at high Q 2 , and continued at Jefferson Lab at intermediate Q 2 . The results presented cover the domain where Chiral Effective Field Theory (χEFT) should describe the strong interaction. They provide a
more » ... ve set of benchmark measurements for χEFT. The preliminary conclusion is that nucleon spin structure data are still challenging for χEFT in spite of the notable improvements in these calculations.
doi:10.22323/1.317.0005 fatcat:lwc7ixh7sjgg3g7aduuonsd6ve