Towards performance measurements for the Java Virtual Machine's invokedynamic

Chanwit Kaewkasi
2010 Virtual Machines and Intermediate Languages on - VMIL '10  
This paper presents a study of a Java Virtual Machine prototype from the Da Vinci Machine project, defined by JSR 292. It describes binary translation techniques to prepare benchmarks to run on the invokedynamic mode of the prototype, resulting in the invokedynamic version of the SciMark 2.0 suite. Benchmark preparation techniques presented in this paper are proven to be useful as the invokedynamic version of benchmark programs successfully identified strange slowness behavior of the
more » ... ic mode of the server virtual machine. Surprisingly, benchmarking results show that the invokedynamic mode with direct method handles on the server virtual machine is just 2-5 times slower than native Java invocations, except the Monte Carlo benchmark. But this mode on the client virtual machine still requires further performance tuning.
doi:10.1145/1941054.1941057 fatcat:gfao4fhalrfvllfvdkf6da5xoi