New analytical probability of error expressions for classes of orthogonal signals in rayleigh fading

Xiaodai Dong, N.C. Beaulieu
2003 IEEE Transactions on Communications  
New exact expressions for the symbol-error rate and bit-error rate of coherent 3-ary and 4-ary orthogonal and transorthogonal signaling in slowly fading Rayleigh channels are derived. New exact error probability expressions for coherent 6-ary and 8-ary biorthogonal signaling in slow Rayleigh fading are also presented. The use of these exact expressions as accurate approximations for the error rates of -ary orthogonal, biorthogonal, and transorthogonal signaling with arbitrary is illustrated.
more » ... ex Terms-Biorthogonal signals, bit-error rate (BER), -ary orthogonal frequency-shift keying (FSK), orthogonal signals, Rayleigh fading, symbol-error rate (SER), transorthogonal signals.
doi:10.1109/tcomm.2003.813261 fatcat:u6jefurj7najtejfotqbzptarq