Evolution of magnetism on a curved nano-surface

D. G. Merkel, D. Bessas, Z. Zolnai, R. Rüffer, A. I. Chumakov, H. Paddubrouskaya, C. Van Haesendonck, N. Nagy, A. L. Tóth, A. Deák
2015 Nanoscale  
The role of nanoparticle size, interparticle distance and magnetic layer thickness on the formation of magnetic nanostructures was studied. Individual magnetic behaviour was found for the 400 nm spheres and a collective magnetic structure for the 25 nm balls where magnetic domains spread over several particles.
doi:10.1039/c5nr02928g pmid:26162007 fatcat:wgcgi6q3fvejdk5nwxzwjnbtoi