The state of environmental reporting: The best way forward for environmental reporting in New Zealand

Genevieve Hilliard, Tim Breese
According to the MfE, environmental reporting draws together information and data on the current state of the environment, on environmental trends and on the effects of human activities, or 'pressures' , on the environment (MfE, 2009, p.3). The MfE undertake their reporting role by performing a series of tasks designed to provide clear, realistic information on the state of the environment, as set out in the NERP. Secondly, in between these five yearly periods, they produce "regular" report
more » ... s based on those indicators along with technical reports and surveys regarding specific elements of the environment. These reports are designed to be accessible to all New Zealanders and are updated when "new data becomes available". Best Practice Criteria Based on our understanding of the theoretical literature of "best This is an abridged version of a report prepared for the ERST 635 Group Case Study, as part of the Master of Environmental Policy degree at Lincoln University in 2009. The focus of this study was to analyse the current state of environmental reporting in New Zealand.
doi:10.34900/lpr.v2i1.468 fatcat:xl3xubmttrckrh2g7gykeo6w6y