2P3-10 Al_2O_3膜/Si基板上に形成したZnO薄膜SAWデバイスの特性(ポスターセッション)
2P3-10 Characteristics of ZnO thin film surface acoustic wave devices fabricated using Al_2O_3 film on silicon substrates(Poster Session)

Wen-Ching Shih, Tzyy-Long Wang, Ming-Hsien Chu
Proceedings of Symposium on Ultrasonic Electronics  
ZnO films with c-axis (OO02) orientation have been successfu11y grown by RF magnetron sputtering on interdigital transducer (IDT)IA12031Si02/Si substrates. The A1203 films were deposited on Si02fSi substrates by electron beam evaporation. Crystalline structures of the films were investigated by X-ray diffi;action, atomic force microscopy and scanning electron microscopy The 2"cr-order phase velocity of the surface acoustic waye (SAW) device with a 7.5 um thick A1203 buffer layer was measured to
more » ... be about 5432 mls, which approaches that (5840 m!s) ofZnO! IDTIsapphire. The experimental result is beneficial to replace the expensive single crystalline sapphire substrate with A1203bufTer layer at lower cost fbr the high frequency SAW devices, and is also usefu1 to integrate the semiconductor and high frequency SAW devices on the same Si substrate,
doi:10.24492/use.30.0_283 fatcat:5uxzthxotbdhbpm7g3qgzeplhy