Optimization of the disk and washer accelerating cavities [report]

J.J. Manca, E.A. Knapp
1978 unpublished
High-energy accelerator structures should have not only a high shunt impedance, Z, by which the rf power can be used efficiently for particle acceleration, but also a high coupling, k, between the neighboring cells. A study was made of the disk and washer (DAW) accelerating structure. The DAW structure has high coupling (k ~ 50%) as well as a high shunt impedance comparable to that of a side-coupled structure and can be used successfully in high-current accelerators. Two DAW configurations were
more » ... configurations were studied: DAW1, which has a flat washer in the central region, and DAW2, :n which the upper part of the washer is curved. The latter design does not decrease the effective shunt impedance of the structure but does permit a smaller cavity diameter (principally for higher B) than does the straightwasher iesign. The two structures were optimized by the SUPERFISH computer !3ode.
doi:10.2172/6634252 fatcat:lihflgyhevaqlkc3lryspndqeq