Gulnar Hismetollaevna Bekkozhanova, Saule Askarovna Askarova, Fatima Zylpykarovna Mamedova, Gulmaria Turysbekovna Ospanova
2020 EurasianUnionofScientists  
The article considers the communicative-pragmatic approach to the study of business discourse, analyzes the relationship between the business and the Internet space, reveals the genre specificity of blogs and the peculiarities of business discourse. The intentional base of business discourse is the struggle for power, which predetermines its main functions and methods of their implementation, speech acts, strategies and tactics. The goal of business discourse is not to describe, but to
more » ... having awakened intentions in the addressee, to give ground for persuasion and induce to action, in which the manipulative orientation of business discourse is manifested. Speech integration, orientation and aggression are widely used in accordance with the illocutionary purpose of expressing intentionality. Discourse is political when it accompanies a political act in a political setting. It has both common language functions and characteristic features of business discourse. The most important functions of social control and the legitimization of power can be considered, since it is they who have manipulative influence on the public, thereby achieving the main goal business discourse - the possession of power and control of society. In this research discourse can be used in any forms of communication related to the sphere of language. Such a definition of discourse involves the study of political language material taking into account the cultural, spatial and temporal conditions of its existence, as well as socio-cultural and personal characteristics of its creators and authors. In this regard, the issues of discourse analysis, as the most influential on public consciousness and widespread in the business, identifying its linguistic and extra-linguistic features are highlighted today, which requires to the system-forming signs of discourse, its units, basic concepts and functions prove the topicality of our research. Practical part identifies the main lexico-semantic, stylistic-syntactic and pragmatic features of modern business discourse in websites and mass business. It deals with a description of the functional and pragmatic capabilities of lexical and stylistic means in posts in political in websites and mass business, analyzes the pragmatic potential of these units and determines the range of their communicative and pragmatic functions. The novelty of the research lies in the fact that it considers the features of the web-site discourse from semantic, stylistic and communicative-pragmatic aspect, which will further deepen and expand the special knowledge in the conceptual world view of the English-speaking community and their fixation on the linguistic map. The purpose of the research work is to consider the most effective language means of representing the communicative and pragmatic potential of business discourse in web-sites and mass business. In the achievement of the main purpose of the study, the following tasks were set: - to characterize the phenomenon of discourse as a linguistic phenomenon; - to consider the specifics of the linguistic picture of the world in the framework of business discourse; - to identify the features of the functional, mainly linguo-cultural and stylistic peculiarities business discourse, reflecting business discourse in web-sites and mass business; - to stablish the general conditions for the productivity of lexical and stylistic and syntactic means in website discourse.
doi:10.31618/esu.2413-9335.2020.3.76.909 fatcat:6n54vefchvfz5frlgtdrxwmadm