Utilizing Distance Metrics on Lineups to Examine What People Read From Data Plots [article]

Niladri Roy Chowdhury, Dianne Cook, Heike Hofmann, Mahbubul Majumder, Yifan Zhao
2014 arXiv   pre-print
Graphics play a crucial role in statistical analysis and data mining. This paper describes metrics developed to assist the use of lineups for making inferential statements. Lineups embed the plot of the data among a set of null plots, and engage a human observer to select the plot that is most different from the rest. If the data plot is selected it corresponds to the rejection of a null hypothesis. Metrics are calculated in association with lineups, to measure the quality of the lineup, and
more » ... p to understand what people see in the data plots. The null plots represent a finite sample from a null distribution, and the selected sample potentially affects the ease or difficulty of a lineup. Distance metrics are designed to describe how close the true data plot is to the null plots, and how close the null plots are to each other. The distribution of the distance metrics is studied to learn how well this matches to what people detect in the plots, the effect of null generating mechanism and plot choices for particular tasks. The analysis was conducted on data that has already been collected from Amazon Turk studies conducted with lineups for studying an array of data analysis tasks.
arXiv:1408.1889v1 fatcat:scsez3ey4zb4jkipwmwn5unxua