Owning your own business in the face of uncertainty: entrepreneurial ability as an adaptive resource
Собственное дело в условиях неопределённости: предпринимательские способности как адаптационный ресурс

2021 Research Result Sociology and Management  
The development of entrepreneurship in Russia is one of the most important conditions for the socio-economic development of the country. This is due to the relevance of research on factors contributing to successful entrepreneurial activity. The author implemented information and analytical analysis of documents and the secondary analysis of data from sociological studies of WTsIOM, FOM, RANEPA, NAFI on entrepreneurship. The analysis showed that this activity has not lost attractiveness in
more » ... ty. The problem is the lack of empirical sociological knowledge regarding the personal qualities of successful entrepreneurs in comparison with other categories. The empirical base of the study is the data of the 27th "wave" (2018) of the "Russian Monitoring of the Economic Situation and Health of the Population of the HSE (RLMS-HSE)". The data analysis methodology is aimed at identifying specific qualities that contribute to the implementation of entrepreneurial initiative and the "retention" of the created business in conditions of uncertainty, to the identification of adaptation resources that contribute to the maintenance of entrepreneurial initiative. The results show that there is a number of personal characteristics that determine the success of the risk activities of the creators of their business, which can be considered integral parts of entrepreneurial initiative.
doi:10.18413/2408-9338-2021-7-4-0-7 fatcat:zsh6jq2wubhatjkt3rgycemsc4