Clasic şi contemporan, universal şi naţional în abordarea guvernării şi administraţiei publice

2020 Zenodo  
In this study is examined some conceptual approaches on governance and public administration from an evolutionary perspective, from classic to contemporary, in a universal and national aspect, emphasizing the determination of historical factors concepts and visions of governance and public administration. In this sense, the initial sources of the approaches of governance and administration of the human communities in the ancestors thinking from ancient world, of the representatives of
more » ... atives of Renaissance and Enlightenment eras, the conceptual resizing, due to the rise of the production mode and the changes from social organization in the modern period are analyzed. Based on this conceptual vision evolving realities in the context of political and administrative organization from the contemporary era, the process of gradual crystallization of the autonomy and interdisciplinary idea of administration science is analyzed, which at the present stage is fully manifested both in the universal and national aspects.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3707571 fatcat:zbiaivonyrclna6nurj7nwv7ti