Bicomponent Fiber Extraction Process for Textile Applications

Philip Mooney, John Shearer, Joey Mead, Carol Barry, Quoc Truong, Elizabeth Welsh, Richard Pang, Walter Zukas, Peter Stenhouse, Philip Brown, Nicole Hoffman, Joey Mead
Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics   unpublished
Tailoring surface properties is important for military applications such as uniforms, shelters, and personal protective equipment. Unique superomniphobic structures for self-cleaning textiles can be created with bi-component fibers. In this work bicomponent fibers were melt extruded using an extractable polymer as one of the two components. Using water to extract the soluble component, fibers with unique core designs were created. The extraction behavior was found to be dependent on
more » ... dent on temperature, component fraction, and residence time. A continuous extraction process was designed and evaluated for the creation of superomniphobic fibers in a continuous process.