The Fornax Cluster through S-PLUS [article]

A. V. Smith Castelli, C. Mendes de Oliveira, F. Herpich, C. E. Barbosa, C. Escudero, M. Grossi, L. Sodre, C. R. de Bom, L. Zenocratti, M. E. De Rossi, A. Cortesi, R. Cid Fernandes (+16 others)
The Southern Photometric Local Universe Survey (S-PLUS) aims to map $\approx$ 9300 deg$^2$ of the Southern sky using the Javalambre filter system of 12 optical bands, 5 Sloan-like filters and 7 narrow-band filters centered on several prominent stellar features ([OII], Ca H+K, D4000, H$_δ$, Mgb, H$_α$ and CaT). S-PLUS is carried out with the T80-South, a new robotic 0.826-m telescope located on CTIO, equipped with a wide FoV camera (2 deg$^2$). In this poster we introduce project #59 of the
more » ... S collaboration aimed at studying the Fornax galaxy cluster covering an sky area of $\approx$ 11 $\times$ 7 deg$^2$, and with homogeneous photometry in the 12 optical bands of S-PLUS (Coordinator: A. Smith Castelli).
doi:10.48550/arxiv.2104.07524 fatcat:uzuezckzzbgvfadma7ecmnnigq