Recent advances, perspectives and challenges in ferroelectric synapses [article]

Bobo Tian, Ni Zhong, Chungang Duan
2020 arXiv   pre-print
The multiple ferroelectric polarization tuned by external electric field could be used to simulate the biological synaptic weight. Ferroelectric synaptic devices have two advantages compared with other reported ones: One is the intrinsic switching of ferroelectric domains without invoking of defect migration as in resistive oxides contributes reliable performance in these ferroelectric synapses. Another tremendous advantage is the extremely low energy consumption because the ferroelectric
more » ... zation is manipulated by electric field which eliminate the Joule heating by current as in magnetic and phase change memory. Ferroelectric synapses are potential for the construction of low-energy and effective brain-like intelligent networks. Here we summarize recent pioneering work of ferroelectric synapses involving the structure of ferroelectric tunnel junctions (FTJs), ferroelectric diodes (FDs) and ferroelectric field effect transistors (FeFETs), respectively, and shed light on future work needed to accelerate their application for efficient neural network.
arXiv:2007.06914v1 fatcat:n4mcxwvmhbhtdjoiatdjnkvqvm