Tuberculosis: a challenge in newborn care and how to deal with it. Update document
Tuberculosis: un reto en la atención del recién nacido y cómo enfrentarlo. Documento de Actualización

Alejandra Reyes, Mariluz Hernández, Luis Delpiano, Giannina Izquierdo, Fernanda Cofré, Marta Aravena, Yenis Labraña, Alejandra Sandoval, Comité Consultivo de Infecciones Neonatales. Sociedad Chilena de Infectología
2020 Revista chilena de infectología  
Tuberculosis in the neonatal stage has a high morbidity and mortality, is difficult to diagnose and involves the mother-child binomial and their environment. The particular characteristics of the immune system in pregnant women and the newborn, impact the clinical presentation of this disease. Its diagnosis is complex and the establishment of treatment must be timely and cannot be postponed. Relevant aspects for the diagnosis and management of the newborn exposes to the tuberculosis are covered.
doi:10.4067/S0716-10182020000100051 pmid:32730401 fatcat:6eksvzsetfhftkob6owbkye2bu