Large scale production of Ruta graveolens. L shoots using aerated bioreactor

Ajit Kengar, T Paratkar, Ajit Kengar, Ajit Kengar, Govind Paratkar
2015 unpublished
Ruta graveolens is important medicinal and aromatic plant of pharmaceutical value. To meet the industrial requirements and optimize production and decrease cost of seedlings, the bioreactor helps lot. The main aim of this work was to compare in vitro cultivation of Ruta graveolens. L different systems of liquid culture with simple aerated bioreactors. The in vitro growth of the shoots was promoted in traditional system and in aerated bioreactor. Both propagation systems used the basic MS liquid
more » ... the basic MS liquid medium supplemented with 4.44 µM BA+2.84 µM IAA. The cultures were kept into culture room for 30 days with controlled temperature at 25 ±2 0 C under white cold light (3000 lux) with photoperiod of 16 hours. And evaluation was done. Among the two systems, bioreactor system showed the best results for shoots and biomass production compared with the traditional system. So the aerated bioreactor system turns into effective technique to produce shoots of R. graveolens in large scale.