Descriptive Semantics of the Word "Azm" (determination) in the Holy Qur'an

Zahra sarfi, Faathiyeh fattahizadeh
2017 Taḥqīqāt-i ̒ūlūm-i Qur̓ān va ḥadīs̠  
"Azm" (determination) is one of the key words of The Holy Qur'an. The extent of its influence on the destiny of human beings has turned it into an essential word. This study analyses the meaning of the word "Azm" (determination) by studying it's paradigmatically and syntagmatic relationships based on structuralistic semantics. Considering the verses in which the word "Azm" has occurred, the words "Amr" (matter)" and "Ṣabr (patience)" are the two most frequent collocations of the afore mentioned
more » ... the afore mentioned word. Otherwise the words "Tawakkul" (reliance), "Ṭalaq" (divorce)", "Aqdat-a-nnikāḥ" (the tie of marriage)", "Shawir-hum" (consult them), "Ahdina" (our covenant)" and "Nisyān" (forgetting) are other collocations for the word with only one occurrence. Among these words, the word "Ṣabr" is of great significance as to which some consider the two as synonymous. The collocation of the word "Ahd" with "Azm" indicates the priority status of the God's covenant to determination. Studying the paradagmital relations of the word shows that there is not any suitable substitution for this word in the Qur'an. According to this study, four semantic components can be drawn from the occurrence of the word "Azm" in the Qur'an i.e. the wise conclusive will to serve the exalted God. The believer obtaining such a will and maintaining it would keep his covenant with Allah and will be safeguarded from the worldly and satanic temptations.
doi:10.22051/tqh.2017.11922.1370 doaj:3daee591ebfa416babecc27645147ad7 fatcat:r7cfsiwc6ndkhc2zpregfmtvpu