X-Ray Diffraction Topographic Observations of the Large-Angle Grain Boundary in Ice Under Deformation

T. Hondoh, A. Higashi
1978 Journal of Glaciology  
Large-angle tilt grain boundaries in artificially-grown ice bicrystals were observed by the method of X-ray diffraction topography. In bicrystals for which misorientation angles satisfy the conditions of a high-density coincidence site lattice (CSL) at the boundary, the images of fine parallel line defects appear on the topograph taken immediately after a light deformation. Since these images disappear in a time period between several hours and a few days and reappear again at the same sites
more » ... t the same sites when the specimen is deformed subsequently, it is concluded that these line defects are not stable like the boundary dislocations but may be steps generated on the boundary to form facets which coincide with the high-density CSL plane. X-ray topographic images of boundaries which do not satisfy the conditions of a high density CSL are complex and difficult to interpret, although some of the images indicate that there may be different types of structures on such boundaries.
doi:10.3189/s0022143000033748 fatcat:ch2zs3ud3zb43h4d4hdlki6fnu