Detection and Classification of Brain Tumor Using Naïve Bayes and J48

Nora Naik et al., Nora Naik et al.,
2019 International Journal of Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology Research  
Image processing has become an essential component in science and technology with the tremendous influence and impact on modern society. Medical imaging has grown into one of the sub-fields in scientific imaging due to the rapid growth in computerized medical image reconstruction and computer-aided diagnosis. A brain tumor is a mass of cells which grow abnormally within the brain or spinal cord. The proper function of the brain can be dangerously disrupted by tumor. Mostly the method followed
more » ... hospitals for diagnosis of tumor is that the physician segments the CT or MRI scan manually to detect a tumor region in the brain which is a manual process. To avoid this problem, the proposed system focuses on detecting and classifying whether brain tumor is malignant or benign based on the features extracted from the tumor region with lesser time and higher accuracy in comparison to the manual analysis.
doi:10.24247/ijcseitrdec20194 fatcat:4bpq36zk4vbklnstwisqaddica