Quasi-linear MHD modelling of H-mode plasma response to resonant magnetic perturbations

E. Nardon, P. Tamain, M. Bécoulet, G. Huysmans, F.L. Waelbroeck
2010 Nuclear Fusion  
The plasma response to externally imposed resonant magnetic perturbations (RMPs) is investigated through quasi-linear MHD modelling in the case where the resonant surfaces are located in the pedestal of an H-mode plasma. The pedestal is a particular region regarding the question of plasma response to RMPs because of its strong E × B and electron diamagnetic rotations. It is found that a strong rotational screening takes place in most of the pedestal. The RMPs may, however, penetrate in a narrow
more » ... layer at the very edge, where the plasma is cold and resistive. The possibility that one harmonic of the RMPs may also penetrate if its resonant surface is at a particular location, close to the top of the pedestal, where the E × B and electron diamagnetic rotations compensate each other, is discussed. Finally, the RMPs are found to produce some additional transport, even though they do not penetrate.
doi:10.1088/0029-5515/50/3/034002 fatcat:nutmiyzhnnehxf2lln7nlyfrbu