[Complete volume]. Proceedings of the Workshop on Architectures and Standards for Intelligent Virtual Agents at IVA 2014

Cafaro, Arno Hartholt, Herwin Van Welbergen
Foreword The scope of building a complete intelligent virtual agent (IVA) is too vast for a single research group. It requires interdisciplinary collaborations between research groups and reuse of existing components. Based off the SAIBA framework for multimodal behavior generation, an important current research direction for the IVAcommunity deals with facilitating the collaboration between groups and reuse of each other's work by using modular architectures and interface standards. In this
more » ... kshop, in light of emergent technologies and the variety of IVA applications, we want to discuss the standardization level provided by SAIBA and understand whether it is still capable of supporting the next generation of IVAs. We aim at improving current points of standardization and identifying new architectural elements and functionalities that require standardization. These proceedings contain position papers of six participating research groups who have each presented an overview of their state-of-the-art in architectures and standards for IVAs and their visions for future IVA architectures, standardization, and collaborations. We hope for a fruitful discussion on these topics during the workshop.
doi:10.2390/biecoll-wasiva2014-07 fatcat:cxp4qzy64rb7zflz4gat6f5lly