Microarray Based Genotyping: A Review

2014 Journal of Cancer Sciences  
Microarray technology has become a very popular tool in the realm of current molecular biology tools, and combined with the increasing knowledge and accuracy gained by advances in human genome sequencing, this technique is an ideal candidate for performing multiplex high-throughput genetic analysis at a relatively low cost. DNA microarrays are widely used for genotyping and gene expression thus aiding molecular diagnosis. As with any evolving technique, one needs to be careful while
more » ... the data so as not to overestimate or underestimate the signals. In this review we discuss the evolution of microarray as a molecular biology tool, the strengths and limitations of most commonly used microarray techniques, and finally we hope to provide the reader with a look into the future of microarray in clinical diagnosis.
doi:10.13188/2377-9292.1000001 fatcat:z6dmfdxxczfwbdk3jqvmgqikuq