An improved inherent optical properties data processing system for residual error correction in turbid natural waters

Jun Chen, Wenting Quan, Hongtao Duan, Qianguo Xing, Na Xu
2021 IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing  
Being able to accurately estimate inherent optical properties (IOPs) at long time scales is key to comprehending the aquatic biological and biogeochemical responses to long-term global climate change. We employed the near-infrared band and combined it with four "common bands" at visible wavelengths (around 443, 490, 551, and 670 nm) to adjust the IOPs data processing system, IDASv2. We applied the IDASv2 algorithm further to correct for residual error in images of turbid waters. We evaluated
more » ... rs. We evaluated the performance of the IDASv2 algorithm using data sets covering a wide range of natural water types from clear open ocean to turbid coastal and inland waters. Due to the water-leaving signals' sensitivity to the optically significant constituents of highly turbid waters, the near-infrared band was very important for retrieving IOPs from those waters. In our analysis, we found that the IDASv2 algorithm provided IOPs data with <28.36% uncertainty for oceanic waters and <37.83% uncertainty for inland waters, which was much more effective than what a quasianalytical algorithm provided. Moreover, the near-infrared band was better at removing residual error and partial inter-mission bias in satellite remote sensing reflectance (Rrs) data because of the strong absorption of pure water. We tested the IDASv2 algorithm with numerically simulated and satellite observed data of turbid water. After applying IDASv2, the IOPs data were accurately determined from Rrs data contaminated by residual error. Furthermore, the mean inter-mission difference between Medium Resolution Spectral Imager 2 and Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Rrs data at 443 and 551 nm decreased from 8%-25% to 1%-9%. These results suggest that we can accurately estimate IOPs data for natural waters including naturally clear and turbid waters. Index Terms-inherent optical property; IDAS; natural turbid water Hongtao Duan is Key Laboratory of Watershed Geographic Sciences,
doi:10.1109/jstars.2021.3073168 fatcat:ksi2mapxo5crlaa2c2wcx4o3mq