Applying Resonant Spin Flippers with Poleshoes and Longitudinal Radio Frequency Fields to Time of Flight MIEZE

N. Geerits, S.R. Parnell, M.A. Thijs, W.G. Bouwman, J. Plomp
2019 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
A time of flight MIEZE spectrometer study is presented. The instrument uses solenoid radio frequency (RF) spin flippers with square pole shoes and a magnetic yoke. These flippers can achieve higher static fields than conventional resonant RF spin flippers, which employ an air core. High fields are crucial for the construction of a high resolution and compact MIEZE spectrometer. Using both types of flippers two MIEZE spectrometer configurations are constructed and compared on the same beam line.
more » ... the same beam line. It was demonstrated that the pole shoe/solenoid coil RF flippers can achieve a MIEZE signal, which is similar in quality to the conventional reference setup. The highest obtained modulation frequency was 100 kHz.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/1316/1/012011 fatcat:o7pds7hflnee7ng6aty6nmqmem