A Chronological Study of Vampire in the History of Literature

R Karthick Babu, Abdul Hakeem
2015 The English Literature Journal   unpublished
In this study I have traced out the growth of vampire in the world of literature. The unique features of vampire and it have made a great impact in the mind of the readers and viewers by the writers and film makers. The traditional vampires were different from the modern vampires it is due to the technological development both in the imagination and also in the reality. Through this research I investigated about the how the vampire had an immense development and influence of vampire characters
more » ... hich dealt with crazy among the writers and readers. Here, I outlined the influence of vampire from the historical age to modern age. In addition to that, I investigated about the domination of vampires characters in the age of Victoria and Romantic in the world of literature. It has projected about the legendary writers of vampire stories from the Ancient world to the modern world (Dracula to the Twilight Saga). The Great writers like Horace Walpole Polidori, Lefanu, Stoker, Ann Radcliffe and Modern writers like Anne Rice, Stephan Mayer were the renowned contributors for the vampire literature has been strong indications for the constructive of the vampires in literature.