Tao Yuan. Research on Translation of Academic Texts in Humanities and Social Sciences Based on Russian-Chinese Parallel Corpus. Bejing, Science Publishing, 2018, 202 p.; 2nd ed., revised. Bejing, Science Publishing, 2021, 212 p. (in Chin.)

V. P. Zakharov
2021 Vestnik NSU Series Linguistics and Intercultural Communication  
The monograph is devoted to the descriptive analysis of the translation of scientific texts from Russian into Chinese based on corpus linguistics methods. The norms of translation, the issues of specificity and universality, as well as the influence of the characteristics of the source text on the translation text are discussed, in other words, the set of factors that influence the translation is investigated.
doi:10.25205/1818-7935-2021-19-3-165-168 fatcat:k7tdtjpamndbvf6aioy3d36j7e