Discrete-Time Attitude Tracking Synchronization for Swarms of Spacecraft Exploiting Interference

Peiran Li, Xin Wen, Mohong Zheng, Haiying Liu, Dizhi Long, Yuping Lu
2022 Aerospace (Basel)  
The attitude tracking synchronization control of an orbit-predetermined leader–follower spacecraft swarm for the space moving target is discussed in this paper. The information exchange between all spacecraft is assumed to be discrete in time and on the undirected connected graph. Moreover, due to the demand for saving communication resources, wireless interference has been utilized, which allows all the neighbors of a spacecraft to access the same channel frequency spectrum simultaneously.
more » ... the backstepping control algorithm is designed to let the spacecraft (β, A)-practically stably synchronize their states and track a time-varying trajectory in the presence of unknown fading channels. Finally, simulation is provided to verify that using the proposed control scheme, the attitude tracking synchronization can be achieved with high precision.
doi:10.3390/aerospace9030134 fatcat:rkqaloqoqbcvxd4e7do2ndbjzm