Alarm for Batteries of Electric Gas Lighters

L. G. Handy
1909 Scientific American  
taken and slipped aD. the nails, lUld arranged as shown in Fig. 2 , the long slats forming a cross and the short slats arranged horizontally. After the slats have been assembled, the point of the nail can be riveted, hold ing the slats together, and producing an article of rigid construction, as shown in the photograph. The same can be stained or painted at a small cost. While the slats are fairly well jj1aned, the appearance of the article can be improved by planing the slats a trifle more
more » ... s a trifle more before assembling them. •. el.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican08071909-96c fatcat:sww5r3fnb5dtrg4mmpkgrnngty