Study on Evaluation of Chang-6 Tight Sandstone Reservoir Characteristics in Zhangjiatan, Ordos Basin

Mengmeng Lu
2023 OALib  
The resource potential of the Triassic Yanchang Formation's Chang 6 reservoir in the southeastern part of the Ordos Basin's slope is large, whereas it is poor levels of exploration, and reservoir evaluation is not perfect enough, so that, limiting future exploration in this area. It is underpinned by core of detailed observations and descriptions of the Chang 6 reservoir system, typical samples of various sample, oil-bearing properties, and sedimentary structures were collected, and further
more » ... ytical tests such as reservoir physical properties, casting thin section, scanning electron microscopy, high-pressure mercury compression, and so on. The macro and micro analyses were performed to analyze the controlling role of the reservoir on the distribution of Chang 6 reservoir characteristics. The results show that the Zhangjiatan Chang 6 reservoir is mainly fine-grain feldspar sandstone with low porosity and very low permeability, and the secondary pore is predominant. The pore structure is mainly divided into two categories. Sedimentary facies and diagenesis together affect the accumulate performance of the reservoir.
doi:10.4236/oalib.1109689 fatcat:ubijl7isjnfzrpp2yoofjt3edu