Investigation of the adsorption of anionic surfactants at different pH values by means of active carbon and the kinetics of adsorption

Sibel Zor
2004 Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society  
In this study, the effect of pH on the removal of anionic surfactants, such as linear alkyl benzene sulfonate (LABS) and dodecyl benzene sulfonate (DBS) by means of adsorption by activated carbon was investigated. For this purpose activated carbon was used as adsorbent. Anionic surfactant solutions with initial pH values of 3, 6, 8 and 12 were used. The adsorption isotherms for the adsorption of anionic surfactants by active carbon at different pH were determined. These adsorption isotherms
more » ... ption isotherms were seen to be consistent with Freundlich's adsorption isotherm. k and n constants were determined from Freundlich's linear equation. Adsorption rate constants were determined from the obtained kinetic curves which were suitable for the first order of rate kinetics.
doi:10.2298/jsc0401025z fatcat:7wyvannlzrgilaheg5cbzlgtqa