Functionalized Lateral Surface Coated Lasers for Chem-Bio Detection

Lynford L. Goddard, Tiziana C. Bond, Garrett D. Cole, Elaine M. Behymer
2007 2007 IEEE Sensors  
We present a class of compact, monolithic, photonic sensors consisting of multiple section edge emitting lasers with functionalized lateral surface coatings for low level detection of chemical or biological agents. Specifically, we discuss 8μm x 250μm Pd-coated H 2 sensors and configurations to reduce the minimum detection limit from 138ppm for passive sensors to 1ppm for active sensors. Compared with conventional optical H 2 sensors that use fiber gratings, surface plasmon resonances, or
more » ... esonances, or surface reflectance, our sensors offer the advantages of smaller size, wider dynamic range, monolithic integration of laser source and detector, and 2-D scalability to arrays of sensors that are functionalized to detect different agents.
doi:10.1109/icsens.2007.4388619 fatcat:kkfvgvgr2zamvoqseyyu47gxem