SMC approaches for MPPT operated PV system under ON GRID

B Lakshmi
[(2)3: 380-385] © 2016 IJSRST | Volume 2 | Issue 3 | Print ABSTRACT How to design a grid connected photovoltaic system, including modeling of photovoltaic cells DC-DC Cuk design. The maximum power point tracking is superior other techniques. Maximum power point tracking is implemented in grid-connected photovoltaic system based on Perturb and Observation (P&O) algorithm. sliding mode controller is best for maximum power point tracking system. Due to non-linear nature of the system, the use of
more » ... ystem, the use of sliding mode method can sustain the stability of the converter in wide range of variations in radiation, load, sliding mode method, only input voltage and capacitive filter current are utilized as a feedback and the design process is completed without the converter model inclusion. The effectiveness of the proposed photovoltaic system is evaluated by simulations conducted on MATLAB/SIMULINK.