Art. XXIX.—Guy's Hospital Reports

1877 American Journal of the Medical Sciences  
The cnrrent volume of this valuable series contains, as usual, nbont an equal number of medical and surgical papers, and in accordance with our custom we shall consider these separately, calling attention 6rst to those or special interest to the physician. In the remarks which precede the reports or Cases illustrating the Diuretic Action 0/the Rain of Copaiba, Dr. Fkedekick Taveor extols the valuable therapeutic properties or this drug, especially in the treatment of the various forms or
more » ... believing that it is to the resin and not to the oil, as is gene, rally supposed, that the balsam owes its power of increasing the secretion ot the kidneys. The resin was given in more than Bixty cases treated in the wards at Guy's by Dr. Taylor and his colleagues. They include cases of (1) hepatic dropsy; (2) simple peritoneal effusion; (3) cardiac dropsy; (4) anasarca and ascites secondary to emphysema and bronchitis; (5) pleuritic effusion ; (6) renal dropsy. As a result of its administration in favourable cases the quantity of urine was quickly increased, the specific gravity being at the same time much lowered; this result being frequently produced in cases in which digitalis and other diuretics had been given without effect. The diuresis, however, subsided immediately upon the withdrawal of the drug. In some of the cases the resin did not increase the flow of urine. In most of these the kidneys were extensively diseased, but even in these cases there was no evidence that positive harm fol¬ lowed its use.
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