A roadmap for graphene

K. S. Novoselov, V. I. Fal′ko, L. Colombo, P. R. Gellert, M. G. Schwab, K. Kim
2012 Nature  
Recent years have witnessed many breakthroughs in research on graphene (the first two-dimensional atomic crystal) as well as a significant advance in the mass production of this material. This one-atom-thick fabric of carbon uniquely combines extreme mechanical strength, exceptionally high electronic and thermal conductivities, impermeability to gases, as well as many other supreme properties, all of which make it highly attractive for numerous applications. Here we review recent progress in
more » ... phene research and in the development of production methods, and critically analyse the feasibility of various graphene applications.
doi:10.1038/nature11458 pmid:23060189 fatcat:wskg3bg7ybdondyxzfgcfhxtvm