Gas-phase generation and characterization of methyl- and dimethylsilylene and their cations by collisional activation and neutralization-reionization mass spectrometry

Ragampeta Srinivas, Diethard K. Bohme, Helmut Schwarz
1993 The Journal of Physical Chemistry  
Results of mass spectrometric measurements are reported which characterize the chemical bonding in the radical cations (CH3SiH)'+ and (CH3)2Si'+ and provide evidence for the existence of the corresponding neutral silylene molecules CH3SiH and (CH3)zSi in the gas phase. The experiments were performed with a modified four-sector ZAB mass spectrometer with a BEBE configuration and collision cells mounted in the intermediate field-free regions B(l)/E( l), E( l)/B(2), and B(2)E(2). Observed
more » ... . Observed collisional activation (CA) mass spectra of the ions [H4,C,Si]+ and [Ha,Cz,Si]+ generated from electron impact of tetramethylsilane and other precursors and CA/CA spectra of the [C,H3,Si]+ derived from them are most compatible with the connectivities CH3SiH*+ and (CH&Si'+. Neutralization-reionization (NRMS) experiments and CA experiments with the "recovery" signals established identical connectivities for the corresponding neutral species.
doi:10.1021/j100153a036 fatcat:m32cc45znjc6zejxunfzjbufba