A Detailed Study of the GG Tau Circumbinary Disk

Caer-Eve McCabe, Andrea M. Ghez
2001 Symposium - International astronomical union  
We present near-infrared images of the circumbinary disk surrounding the pre–main-sequence binary star, GG Tau A, obtained with NICMOS aboard the Hubble Space Telescope. These images have a SNR ∼25 times higher than previous ground-based measurements, which allows the spatially resolved disk to be explored in detail. The geometry of the ring implies that the circumbinary disk is not intrinsically circular, possibly due to interactions with the central binary star. Overall, the circumbinary disk
more » ... e circumbinary disk is redder than the central binary, with the amount of red excess increasing with wavelength. Significant variations in color over the 13 arcsec2covered by the disk are also observed, raising the possibility that disk inhomogeneities are present.
doi:10.1017/s0074180900225278 fatcat:4lf4skimzbauzfrlepjbqqayim