Dynamics of Biostructures on a Fractal/Multifractal Space-Time Manifold [chapter]

Maricel Agop, Calin Buzea, Decebal Vasincu, Daniel Timofte
2019 Progress in Relativity [Working Title]  
A theory of space-time is built on a fractal/multifractal variety. Thus, considering that both the spatial coordinates and the time are fractal/multifractal, it is shown that both the energy and the non-differentiable mass of any biostructure depend on both the "state" of the biostructure and a speed limit of constant value. For the dynamics on Peano fractal/multifractal curves and Compton scale resolutions, it is shown that our results are reduced to those of Einstein relativity. In such a
more » ... vity. In such a context, it has been shown that the "chameleon effect" of cholesterol corresponds to the HDL-LDL state transfer dictated by the spontaneous symmetry breaking through a fractal/multifractal tunnel effect. Then both HDL and LDL become distinct states of the same biostructure as in nuclear physics where proton and neutron are distinct states of the same nucleon.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.90360 fatcat:efxilpw5nzhodlrlwray56c3xq