Research on thermophysical characteristics of food products
Дослідження теплофізичних характеристик харчових продуктів

Z. A. Burova, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, S.O. Ivanov, T.O. Roman, V. P. Vasyliv, M. M. Zheplinska, M. M. Mushtruk, I. P. Palamarchuk, V. V. Sarana, M. M. Gudzenko, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of NAS of Ukraine, National University of Food Technologies (+6 others)
2021 Animal Science and Food Technology  
Healthy diet is one of the most important elements in maintaining health and strengthening the nation's immunity, an essential condition for achieving active longevity of present and future generations. Inventing new ingredients and creation of food products based on them, development of new and improvement of existing technologies requires reliable information about the basic thermophysical characteristics of raw materials and biological substances to calculate and optimize heat and mass
more » ... er processes during processing and production. Modern science offers a wide range of studies on the thermodynamic and heat and mass transfer process parameters, determination of the thermophysical characteristics of new substances and products using metrologically certified devices and information measuring systems. The main problem in the study of materials of biological origin is their inhomogeneity and sample structure heterogeneity. Measuring the effective thermal conductivity coefficient of bulk materials and cereals should be carried out in a stationary thermal mode on the device for determination of the thermophysical properties of materials and thermal effects, which implements a symmetrical scheme of the thermometric method of measurement using heat flow and temperature sensors. Using four measuring cells allows synchronous comparative analysis of several samples, and the rotary clamping mechanism helps to minimize contact resistance. The developed technique for measuring the coefficient of effective thermal conductivity takes into account the characteristics of bulk food products and significantly increases the accuracy of their thermal conductivity determination by introducing a correction for the contact resistance of the wall layer. The possibility of long-term observations allows to study thermolabile materials, analyze the thermal effects in the samples, to estimate the volumetric and integral heat dissipation. Calorimetric studies of a wide range of biological materials and substances can be performed with sufficient accuracy by the STA system, which implements step-by-step scanning and synchronous thermal analysis methods to determine the specific heat capacity and heat of evaporation, the ratio of free and bound moisture in heterogeneous materials. These characteristics are integral parameters in the study of the kinetics of heat and mass transfer processes, including drying, for the calculation and design of process equipment. Research on the thermophysical characteristics of heterogeneous materials and substances will optimize production processes and further develop technologies in the food, biotechnology, and processing industries.
doi:10.31548/animal2021.03.002 fatcat:kmpsvrta4vcmpm65tiqpvegkjq