Interstate Commerce Commission, Report of the Accident Investigation Occurring on the ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD COMPANY, VILLA RIDGE, IL

m*\s 7ill<% XUdos* HI*, vaulting ia too ®m&b ef 1 outlay «s aad tnju^ ef o sttplsysea* Atttr iwrnmiw^im tho Oilof of this 3&&ro*4i of f^foiy »port» IUI follows! tbs C«ntr*Oi*v Di»triot of the et* Mirialoa* #il waloh thin aooidaat ©oowrsd ta a faitofr-ftxaafc lint «»» tending b»t*e dift^ios of 10 Ml alios ovor mimh train taovoaanttt :*ro governed by tlaa table* train ordtro and MI mitomtlo blook aif&m& systMD* felt sooidoiit oocsruarrsd about tftr*aw]Mft«r* of ft Kile south of Tllla Rldgo* the
more » ... rst $fe&tl«n north of ltet*ad% sal 3*2 miles distant thsrsfrtts* A^proaohlng tho point of aoaidant froa tns awth and beginning m nil* i«st 3 §5, Junt a©rtii of TUX* Ridge station* tb*r* la a l-^a^# ourra to tha ri#>t about 1750 fast long foUowad fey a t*<agoat abaufe 9?0 fast long to ft a-do#rea £0 mtusrt® smrm to tho l@ft| th* oalilslon ooourrad oa this surra abmit USG f«at fr^s ita north and. J^isr^oMnc polat of avoidant froa tha rnnSHx taar* l*s l-degr*e 54-aiaato surra to tits loft H130 foot long* tvXbafwA by a taacont TTO lang* leading to tha Malawi 30~adjtt»fc«* ourr* abo** mentioned, TO fast froia fea south and of "rtiioh the avoidant osowFed* % --Start TAC nt UXl* Po^t 38A aorta of YlUa Hitftge and pvooaodtftg aouth, tho ^m® marl** from to «@70$ a*oon&ina for ft diotftnaa OF t^roxiRKitoly a «ilo to th* atunlt of tha riOaoj aftar ya*TFLAS. tho ouMKlt of tho ridgo tho grata ia wntiiuomXy aooavndln^ TO th* north t»s»w oC tonda Holier o«vino oarria* la raintninod for tho (Xtrpoa* of a**i»lag nor«.b©und train* out of Iteun&a to Till* the iraotio* ho in,; for helper aac;inoo to out off AT fill*. RLttga, ©roois otor
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