Some Like it Hot! [post]

Carlos Goller
2022 unpublished
What are extremophiles? What can we learn from them that is relevant in our warming climate? Carols Goller, Ph.D. introduces you to these resilient microbes, and discusses how we can apply what we learn from them as we face current challenges. (Versión en Español del Video de Carlos Goller) Carlos Goller is an associate teaching professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and teaches in the Biotechnology Program (BIT) at NC State. His research interests include molecular microbiology,
more » ... agenomics, epidemiology, history of disease, science education, and activities that foster equity in co-creation of open knowledge. Goller is also interested in teaching with technology and the scholarship of teaching and learning. 1. NC State Biotechnology Program (BIT) 2. Hyperthermophile Research Group (Dr. Robert M. Kelly lab)
doi:10.52750/924409 fatcat:jayskrvkvbcknoeixofad652x4