Topics on current taxonomy of corals, I Issues of Japanese names of corals (1): KUSHIHADA-MIDORIISHI / NANYOU-MIDORIISHI

Hironobu FUKAMI, Keiichi NOMURA, Takuma MEZAKI, Go SUZUKI, Hiroyuki YOKOCHI
2021 Journal of the Japanese Coral Reef Society  
In order to clear up confusion and explain problems related to coral taxonomy, such as drastic revisions in the taxonomic classification and Japanese names of the zooxanthellate scleractinian corals and problems in coral species identification, we have started a series of articles as "Topics on current taxonomy of corals". To begin with, we will focus on the problem of "KUSHIHADA-MIDORIISHI / NANYOU-MIDORIISHI", whose Japanese names are often confused. As a result of morphological, genetic and
more » ... gical, genetic and taxonomic analysis, all the Acropora hyacinthus-like populations in Japan should be treated as a "species complex" rather than a species unit, and should be referred to as the "Acropora hyacinthus species complex" (simplified version: Acropora hyacinthus complex) and as "KUSHIHADA-MIDORIISHI SHU-GUN" for Japanese name. However, as the "species complex" is generally not used in many cases, it is recommended that "Acropora hyacinthus" and "KUSHIHADA-MIDORIISHI" are used instead of the "Acropora hyacinthus species complex" and "KUSHIHADA-MIDORIISHI SHU-GUN" as a coping strategy until the revision and nomenclature of all species of this species complex is completed.
doi:10.3755/jcrs.23.21 fatcat:2jrz3b4cbvftjj7l4aciotvis4