A Review of Acoustic Metamaterials and Phononic Crystals

Junyi Liu, Hanbei Guo, Ting Wang
2020 Crystals  
As a new kind of artificial material developed in recent decades, metamaterials exhibit novel performance and the promising application potentials in the field of practical engineering compared with the natural materials. Acoustic metamaterials and phononic crystals have some extraordinary physical properties, effective negative parameters, band gaps, negative refraction, etc., extending the acoustic properties of existing materials. The special physical properties have attracted the attention
more » ... f researchers, and great progress has been made in engineering applications. This article summarizes the research on acoustic metamaterials and phononic crystals in recent decades, briefly introduces some representative studies, including equivalent acoustic parameters and extraordinary characteristics of metamaterials, explains acoustic metamaterial design methods, and summarizes the technical bottlenecks and application prospects.
doi:10.3390/cryst10040305 fatcat:dqr4vo2ctfam3dtdle5kpmtnay