Autism as a Global Challenge: Examining the Increased Childhood Prevalence of Autism

Christopher Hinbest, Linda Chmiliar
2021 Journal of student research  
Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are a spectrum of conditions that are generally characterized by language deficits, restricted interests, social communication impairments, motor deficits, and repetitive behaviours. This paper examined the increased childhood prevalence of autism globally by analyzing studies conducted in specific countries through three underlying research aims. The aims are to determine the prevalence and diagnostic criteria of ASD within countries, to find out the
more » ... out the international explanations for the increased prevalence of ASD, and to establish the extent of epidemiological consistencies between countries. Although the findings generally paint a picture of an increased ASD prevalence, researchers fail to agree on the reasons for this. Several countries that do not report this increase attribute the inconsistency to a lack of reliable studies. Further research is necessary to establish the link between cultural behaviours and beliefs to the prevalence rates, and also to provide a substantiated and definitive etiology of ASD.
doi:10.47611/jsr.v10i1.1157 fatcat:q3lof4ymgbfcjekyg6jl5cvayu